Our Governance

We continue to integrate ESG considerations into our strategy to proactively position APTT for sustainable growth. The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”), comprising the senior management of both APTT Management Pte. Limited (the “Trustee-Manager”) and Taiwan Broadband Communications Group (“TBC”), continues to support the Board of Directors of the Trustee-Manager (the “Board”) in formulating APTT's sustainability strategy and monitoring the progress of our environmental and social objectives. The Sustainability Task Force (“STF”), comprising TBC's heads of departments from different functions, supports the SSC by implementing sustainability initiatives and action plans across the organisation. The Board oversees the SSC, ensuring alignment of overall sustainability direction with our business strategy. The Board is also responsible for approving the sustainability report.

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No PRC Person shall hold or control Units in Asian Pay Television Trust in breach of the PRC Investment Restrictions and no Restricted Party shall hold or control Units in breach of the Taiwan Government Ownership Restrictions. The Trustee-Manager may, in the case of a breach of the PRC Investment Restrictions and/or the Taiwan Government Ownership Restrictions and/or where a corporate entity which provides cable television services in Taiwan (as determined by the Trustee-Manager in its sole discretion) holds or acquires more than one-third of the total issued Units, take all steps and do all things as they may in their absolute discretion deem necessary to ensure that the restrictions thereunder are complied with. In particular, the Trust Deed provides that the Trustee-Manager has the power to require the relevant Unitholders to dispose of their Units and, if such request is not complied with within 21 days after such request (or such shorter period as the Trustee-Manager shall consider reasonable), the power to arrange for the sale of the Units. Pending such sale, the Trustee-Manager has the power to suspend the voting rights of such Units and/or to restrict the transfer of such Units. The Trustee-Manager shall not be required to give any reason for, and shall not under any circumstances be liable to or be responsible for any losses incurred by, any person as a result of, any decision, declaration or action taken or made in this regard.