Our Approach to Sustainability

As the first listed business trust in Asia focused on pay-TV and broadband businesses, our objective is to provide unitholders with stable and sustainable distributions. While we stay focused on achieving desired outcomes, we are cognisant that the pay-TV and broadband industries are faced with emerging risks, including disruptions of services caused by energy scarcity, cyberattacks and privacy breaches. We therefore believe that comprehensive monitoring and managing of pertinent ESG risks and opportunities is critical to maintaining sustainable returns. As the operator of pay-TV and broadband businesses, we aspire to provide high quality content and programs in a responsible manner, in consideration of the impacts our operations have on our people, our customers, the environment and the society at large.

We have thus aligned the identified material ESG factors to both the Trustee-Manager’s and TBC’s business strategies to establish a strong foundation for responsible and sustainable operations. The seven material ESG factors form the basis of our approach to sustainability. With a foundation solidified by sound economic performance, robust corporate governance and resilient IT infrastructure, we are poised for sustainable growth that will generate positive value for the people, the environment and the society in which we operate.

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